Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Summer Color

8"x10" Oil on canvas

I could not decide what to paint today! I had already started this one a while ago so went with finishing it. This is part of the Estuary and in summer when the grass turns gold, the colors seem very bright...I love these trees that are scattered every where....always good to paint them!

 My drawing today #7

Deco Style...Pen and watercolor.  We are celebrating Art Deco here this week where everyone dresses up in the style of the 20's and 30's. I used to paint a lot of  art deco paintings on silk before I started oils...this was done from a photo!


  1. So glad you finished this painting - it is wonderful! I really like your drawings, too!

  2. Thanks Teressa, I'm glad I finished it's been sitting around long enough!

  3. Your painting is so calming and beautiful, Karen. And I hope to see more of the Deco art. It's really fresh and fun!

  4. "Summer Color" is a beautiful painting. It has great depth, and nice color temperature.

  5. Lovely landscape, can feel the atmosphere and warmth.


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