Friday, 26 June 2015

Halfway Mark

I am halfway with my exhibition paintings, these seabird ones are finished and now I have four landscapes to do! All paintings are from around the Estuary across the road from where  I live.
There are Kingfishers and Herons around the area too but so far I haven't had any luck getting photos, they don't hang around for long enough. 
I have wanted to do this for a long time so when the opportunity to have a joint exhibition in October with another friend came up I couldn't refuse....I have been painting small for nearly four years so this has inspired me to do bigger ones again and I am enjoying it!!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Overcast Sky

6"x8" Oil on gessoboard
$100 + s/h

I love the beach on an overcast's peaceful and almost every time the sky is this blue-gray color, the hills are dark blue and the sea a lovely turquoise! This was the calm after rough weather had washed up seaweed! I am steadily getting through my larger paintings...not much time for my small daily work! I am enjoying working bigger and will be doing more, although  I had forgotton  how much time they take!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

On the Easel

This is one of the larger paintings I am working on. It's not often I take photos of work in progress, simply because I get engrossed in painting and  forget!! The  image  isn't  that great because of the light in my studio. I am working on the geese at the moment..... lots of value and temperature changes before it's anywhere near finished! I have another three beside the easel blocked in ready to go when this is done. I followed these geese around for about an hour trying to get a decent photo so I have to make this a good one!!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New Studio

No small painting today...time for blocking in larger ones.
A couple of years ago I took  part in a Blog Carnival where all involved showed photos of their studios. Since then I have shifted house and have another studio, so I thought I'd share a few's not as big as my last one but it has all that I need to paint and it's lovely and sunny!!

This is the main area I work in  with my easel and new taboret  that I love!!! A daylight lamp for when the light isn't so good on a dull day and my computer  moniter for enlarging photos when I use them to work from.

Over the other side  I have my bookshelf full of art books.... and canvases ready to paint.

At the back, is a  storage cupboard for more canvases and still life objects, my small paintings shelf and a couch for when my art friends come over!!

Last but not least my mixing area with my glass palette. It's all pretty simple...the way I like things!!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Recap of May Paintings

May 2015

It's good to look back at my small works for the month I can keep track of whats been done a lot easier! One more painting and I will have completed 330 Daily Paintings...actually I have done a lot more that have made the bin not my blog! It's all practice!
I still have three more larger works in progress...some procrastinating has been going on here!!