Thursday, 26 November 2020



6"x8" oil
Still learning how to use a palette knife. This is the last in a small series of wildflowers. I plan to do some more later...for now I have more birds to paint!

Friday, 20 November 2020



6"x8"oil on board

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I love using the palette knife and will definitely use it more in my landscape work! The inspiration for these paintings comes from my morning walks... this is the second one of wildflowers. One more to come in this mini series!

Thursday, 12 November 2020


Another palette knife one, while paintings dry. Wildflowers along the edge of the estuary...enjoyed painting these!


Saturday, 7 November 2020

Still Morning

6"x6" oil on board-click to bid

Sometimes I like a change, so got out a palette knife to do this one. This is a familiar scene I see so often when I walk around this place. There are trees everywhere and l love the skies here. I used a brush to do the sky the rest is the knife. I enjoyed it but the brush wins for me!