Saturday, 2 February 2013

30/30 Challenge Collage

Here they are.. 30 Paintings!

I am glad I did this challenge and have learned  lessons along the way!  I learned that I don't want to post a painting every day, I do paint every day but sometimes a painting isn't finished... I don't want to post one I'm not happy with and  it's a lot of pressure to produce a good painting every day!
I learned that painting with three colors and white I could produce just about any color I wanted and I'm going to try other palettes as a result of that! I also learned that I can actually paint even when I don't feel like all in all even though it was tough going at times, I'm pleased with  most of the paintings I did!
Thank you all for your wonderful comments, you helped so much  to keep me going...I have great friends!!

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