Thursday, 31 January 2013


Day Thirty- 30 Paintings in 30 days
6x6 Oil on Board
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My last painting in the 30 in 30 challenge!! It's back to the Estuary again, where I started this challenge and where these thistles grow everywhere. I love their color and the way they stand up tall!
I am glad I did this challenge...some days were better than others but it's helped me in so many ways! I am not a fast painter, I like taking my time but this certainly pushed me along. My own challenge was to paint life around me with  only three colors and white...and I did it!!


  1. Major congratulations to you!!! You were one of the ones that did 30 in 30 and really amazed me! I love this painting too! I participated but painted bigger on some of the days:) Was so fun!! Hooray!

    1. Thanks Kathy... it was to think of what to do next!! I have so many ideas!

  2. Beautiful painting. Congrats on completing 30 in 30.


  3. Beautiful painting. It really takes me to that serene place. congrats on hanging in there with the limited palette. challenge on top of challenge, well done!

  4. Really pretty Karen, well done and best wishes for the future

  5. Really very beautiful!! Love it!


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