Friday, 8 February 2013

The Little shag

Pen and watercolor sketch

I had planned to paint today but my brain was completely out of gear! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!! I eventually did this sketch of this little shag that was sitting on an old wharf pile. I have set a small goal with myself to do a drawing or sketch a day this year! Whether or not I do remains to be seen, but I will do my best! It's such good practice to improve my drawing skills and at the end of the year I should have a good collection and see an improvement!


  1. I do not live by the water so have no idea what type of bird a shag is. I do like the angle you have painted him and the lovely reflections in the water.

  2. Thanks Julie..these are waterbirds that live around the Estuary and coastline here. I see them all the time when i go walking!!


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