Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Patty the Cockatiel

Pen and watercolor sketch

Enjoying doing a few sketches....and thought I'd add a bit of  color as well.  We used to have two pet cockatiels a few years ago, one grey and one white named Patty...so clever and really fun birds to have around!  This sketch is a little looser than the previous oil one... I like pen and wash for that reason and will do more!


  1. Beautiful fresh sketch - I love it.

    I was raised with these birds. My father bred them and they were fascinating and talked very well. One was very old... like 17 years, and died it on the same day as my father. ( 65) The uncanny timing made a big impression on me.

  2. I have had three of them...two of them talked and were males. This one was a female but we couldn't get her to talk at all! I loved having them, they were so much fun!


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