Tuesday, 19 February 2013


6"x6" oil on board

Finally...here is the oil version of the coconut I did as a daily drawing. I have two small shoe paintings in progress for a gallery, so have had to work on those...and  a larger flower one I want to paint  that I haven't even got to yet!  This is a different palette than I normally use... ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, white and  cerulean blue. I have used it a few times and really like it!

My drawing today #13

Elephant....graphite pencil and white pastel. Love elephants!!  I wasn't sure what medium I was going to use to draw  this! I have a clay elephant ornament in my garden and that helped me to make up my mind! I was able to use it to get the effect of the rough texture of their skin. I enjoyed drawing with graphite and think I will use it more.   


  1. The coconut is just superb Karen! I really enjoyed looking at your drawings in different mediums too! So nice to catch up on your blog :-)

  2. Love them both, Karen - especially the elephant.

  3. I used to do pastel Chris, so it's nice to get back to it now and again! I would like to do more like this...when I get the time!!

  4. Hi Karen,

    Great subject--Coconuts always remind me of vacation. You've really captured that interior. Never quite know when to use that cerulean so thanks for sharing your palette as well. I love the "fuzzy" parts too.


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