Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lemons and Limes

Pen and Watercolor Sketch

My drawing for today! I use lemons and limes a lot when I'm always have a good supply on hand. I had these cut up on a plate but decided to draw them without it. I am giving myself 30-60 minutes to do a drawing each day, that way I can fit it around my daily painting and larger work!

New tool
I have just bought this handy MVP tool (Artists mirror, Value viewer and Planner) from Peggy Kroll Roberts. They are organized, easy to use and  are on a lanyard... you can hang them on your easel so you don't lose them!! Great idea....take a look here   


  1. I like your drawing! The yellow and greens are happy and make me think of the lemon and lime flavors...yum!

  2. Thanks Cheryl...I like your 30 day challenge looks great!!!

  3. Value tool kit? is this going to tame those greens we put on notice a few months ago?

  4. Jo..This tool kit is so good! I hope I am going to tame those dreaded greens! Watch this space:))


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