Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sweet As

6"x6" Oil on gessoboard
I knew I would find a use for these white cupcake papers one day! They have been sitting in the pantry for a long and again I thought about baking some cupcakes but it never happened!! I always have a stash of sweets  so I piled some jellybeans  into one. I always love painting white and the way the colors  show through the paper made it even better!!


  1. Love this Karen. Entirely to. Well done and adorable. You think of the most clever things to paint.

  2. This is sweet in every sense , love the contrasts between color, shadow and white !

  3. This is so well done Karen! A clever idea and beautifully executed! Great reflection!
    I just got another laugh when I scrolled down and saw your seagull again - divine!!
    Love your sheep too - I imagine it is tricky getting the colours right when there is not a great deal of variation.

  4. Wow - the way you painted the fluted paper blows me away. What skill. Love the reflection too.

  5. Karen, this is such an appealing little painting. You are the only artist I know who can take a paper cup and a hand full of jelly beans and turn it into a masterpiece! She shadows, the reflection and the colors shining through the paper cup are all perfection.

  6. Love this composition Karen! So beautifully painted!


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