Friday, 17 January 2014

On Guard

6"x6" Oil on board

I like the attitude of this looks like he is on guard! I am always taking photos of them when walking along the beach in the mornings, their behaviour amuses me!! I am halfway through a large one of four gulls and I forgot how much work is involved. Painting small is good practice but I started out painting large so it feels good to get back to it again!!


  1. I love this Karen! The title is great and it made me laugh! Fantastic in every way!

  2. Love the diagonal shadow. I also started painting large and just started my first large painting in months the other day.

  3. this guy has so much gull-itude! fabulous and I agree the directness of the shadow is makes it a compelling, wonderful painting. Draws me in wondering what's going on and sparking my imagination vs. showing me a scene! Great job - plus I love the tail feathers - bling!

  4. This is great Karen! You've really captured some 'attitude' . I think the back view really emphasizes it! ...... Love it!


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