Sunday, 17 March 2013

Has Beens

8"x6" Oil on board

When my neighbour gave me this bunch of old keys to paint, I told her they were a bunch of 'has beens', so that's how the title for this came about! I like the shadow on the door and I love painting  keys...I have got no idea why they appeal to me, but they do!  I had fun with this one, some were quite rusty and even the cord was old and  faded. I have another one started already...could be a series coming on!!
Drawing #39
Graphite and watercolor
This is done from a photo I have had in my files for a long time,  I had thoughts of painting it one day but liked the idea of using graphite....I used a rubber  for the highlights! I am finding all sorts of subjects for my drawings and enjoying the variety, I especially like drawing the back view of figures.


  1. great job Karen. Love the keys and the title. What a great simple and so complex. My favorite kind of subject.

    1. Thanks Maria, I love subjects like this too and the title came easy...which does not happen often!


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