Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Recap of July Paintings

July 2015
I find it helpful to take a break and paint a few small ones when I am painting bigger's    good to mix things up, it keeps the boredom at bay!   This is my small lot for last month  Blue Thimble, Evening Softness, Waterlilies and Mini Pumpkins  (Sold)...might aim for five this month!!


  1. Some lucky person got that beautiful pumpkin painting! Congrats on the sale, Karen. Love your small works.

  2. Your paintings are pretty, especially the mini pumpkins.

  3. I very nice collection Karen! I particularly love the shadows of those pumpkins - so perfectly executed!

  4. Such a great idea to do a wrap up of the paintings of the month. I love each one for different qualities. Love the shadows under the pumpkins, love the thimble and the pins, and love love love the flowers on the lily pads, Happy painting.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love waterlilies and would like to paint some more.


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