Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Artist Appreciation Month

August is Artist Appreciation month and to celebrate I'm sharing with other artists including Patience Brewster, by sharing the names of two artists who have influenced my work. You can see Patience's fabulous work on her website, her ornaments are delightful!

Mini Chihuahua Ornament
Patience Brewster

There are many artists over the years whose work  has inspired me in one way or another, but today I would like to share two of them. One of them is Colley Whisson, a very successful  Australian Impressionist painter. I came across his beautiful light filled paintings  nearly 20 years ago and was very fortunate to be able to attend one of his 5 day workshops in Australia earlier this experience that will stay with me for a long time! He is a dedicated painter and a generous teacher.If you are not familiar with Colley's work please view it here, you will not be disappointed.

Sussex Inlet Dunes
Colley whisson

The other artist who has inspired me is Daily Painter Carol Marine who paints small 6x6in works. Her compositions and use of color are always exciting! My life changed when I discovered her daily painting blog. I was encouraged to start a blog, paint small  paintings and become part of the daily painting movement. I soon realised that I painted more than I ever thought possible, improved my skills and was also able to become a member of Daily Paintworks...a website she had launched.  I started painting small paintings 4 years ago this month and will continue to do so! You can view Carol's work here.

Glass vs Persimmons
Carol Marine

I am forever grateful to these wonderful artists and would like to take this opportunity to say ' Thank you'  for helping me to become a better painter!


  1. All lovely works by great artists, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing Patience Brewster's work. I love her pieces. And Colley Whisson and Carol Marine represent every positive, beautiful thing about art. Really nice post, Karen.

  3. Love everything you shared. Thanks.


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