Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tea Break

Drawing #54
Graphite and pastel

I am still drawing every day but on days when I post my paintings I have decided not to add a drawing. I will add them on my facebook art page...they will all get posted one way or another!
I did this yesterday, I had another of THOSE days when painting wasn't going the way I wanted. I ended up throwing in the towell and having a tea break!!


  1. I know what THOSE days are like!!!

    Love the amber colour of the tea. Your drawings are amazing!

  2. Even daily artists deserve a break now and then - I give myself more than my share! :)
    This tea drawing is wonderful, and I love how you've mixed up your medium lately. Very inspiring - your stuff is great no matter how you get there. ♥

    1. Thanks Karen...the drawing helps me when I get a block and I must say I get bored doing the same thing all the time!! Bottom line is I have to enjoy what I do!!


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