Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Winter Colour

6"x6" Oil on board

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$85 + $20 s/h

Another one from my wanderings around the Estuary.  One of my  favourite parts of  this area are the reeds... I love the way they have so many colours in them  and are always sitting there ready for me to paint... makes life easy!


  1. Karen,those reflections are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I like seeing a close-up view of the beautiful, previous landscape. The colors are so lovely and you captured the reflections perfectly. I feel like I am there.

  3. Thanks Azra and Julie...lovely to read your thoughts!

  4. I found you at Julie Oliver's site. Your paintings are everything mine aren't-clear and precise and not over-run with details. I especially liked the olives on a toothpick leaning against the brie, my favorite cheese. I was sorry it was sold, but understood why.

    Among the things I like to paint are grasses, natural reflections and my woods out back. You did a particularly fine job with this group of grasses. Your simplicity is enviable.

    I also was attracted to your painting life, it's uncomplicated.--home studio, teaching small classes, showing and selling your work from your home. It's my pleasure to follow you.

  5. Thanks for those lovely comments Linda. I am lucky I have an Estuary right across the road from my house, so I can always find something to paint! I like your blog...it's interesting and lively! I would like to get better at writing more in my blogs but seem to find it difficult to come up with much.

  6. Belos quadros.Grande abraço.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments, I love reading them...they keep me inspired!