Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cotton Circle

6"x6" Oil on board

Another in my cotton series, it's a while since I have painted any of these...I like the light across the cotton. I vary the subjects I paint, otherwise I seem to get too caught up in detail with still life... I have always painted landscapes, so to get out of my comfort zone I decided to give still  life a go  last year... enjoyable as it's challenging!
I am going to Australia on holiday for two weeks...hope to get some good photos for painting!! I will post when I can.


  1. I like all your thread compositions, they convey a real tranquility and charm. have a wonderful time in Australia!

  2. Really beautiful Karen, gorgeous light, and the lace is just fab !

  3. Beautiful painting Karen! Yes I love the light across the cotton too, not to mention the lace!


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