Friday, 27 November 2015

Apple Sauce

6"x6" Oil on board

This is the last painting I did for my calendar. I have been busy doing other projects around the house since I returned from my holiday. I  have had a good break from painting which is what I needed and it's given me time to think about  taking more time to develop some new ideas...especially with landscapes. I also want to get back to life drawing class in the New Year. I will still be doing my small paintings in between...well...this is the plan so far!!


  1. This couldn't look any more real than if it were sitting right in front of me. You are a master!

  2. Wow! A perfect addition to your calendar! New year - new ideas: it's exciting!

    1. Thanks Chris! I just have to put those ideas to work and not procrastinate too much!


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