Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Spring Celebration

6"x6" oil on gessoboard
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$85 +s/h
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Celebrating what is left of spring!!  These bright yellow flowers grow wild all along the beachfront and look beautiful against the blue sky.  They look like mini sun umbrellas! It's good to get painting again after nearly three weeks. I have some catching up to do...three big canvases sitting looking at me  ( one has been  blocked in for some months) it's a matter of getting my head around painting big again!!


  1. Love the orientation of this and the color and the shadows on the petals.

    1. Thanks Sharon...I had to lie on the ground with my camera so I could see underneath the petals. The things we do for art!!

  2. Great viewpoint Karen! Love the crisp yellows and mid tone yellows against the blue, descending to purplish sky!

    Of yes......the things we do for art! :-D

  3. A fantastic perspective Karen, and stunningly executed! The colours are spectacular together. Are these gazanias? We used to have gazanias flowering all along the coastline but they are gradually removing all the non-native plants and replacing with native alternatives - which also look great but not such striking yellows anymore.

  4. Such a cheerful little painting with so much going on....those beautiful contrasting colors and a fabulous viewpoint. Beautifully painted Karen.


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