Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Spring Grasses

6"x6" Oil on gessoboard

I had time to do one more painting before I go on the colors of the grass in the Estuary at this time of year, especially  the mornings! I will be away for two weeks, so won't be posting any paintings..... I hope to meet  up with an artist blog friend  Wendy Barrett in Perth Australia... then will be relaxing with my family in the warm sun over there...can't wait!!!


  1. I love the pinky color mixed in and how it shows on the receding plane.
    Enjoy your trip and hope to hear all good things when you return

  2. I really like the feeling of distance you've captured, Karen! Have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Thanks everyone!! I will enjoy my holiday...and try and post some nice photos on facebook!

  4. Beautiful, soft, and inviting. Love this!

  5. Love this Karen! I can see the breeze shimmering through the grass.
    I'm so looking forward to catching up with you!

  6. Lovely light ! Have a great holiday and catch up with Wendy !


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