Saturday, 6 July 2013

Studio Daisies

6"x6" oil on board
$85 + s/h

Some more daisies from my garden...with one of my miniature yellow roses! I love to always have some flowers on my studio desk...brightens up the day especially in the winter!


  1. Gorgeous! Was that the DPW Pick of the Day? I think I remember seeing it on FB. Fabulous.

    I was so confused by the "winter" titles in your recent work, until I thought to look for your location. No matter how many Kiwi friends I have, I'm always thrown by that northern/southern hemisphere thing. :-)

    1. Thanks Marla! Yes it was pick of the day. It is a bit confusing...I always have to think about time differences because most of my blog and fb friends are in America:)

  2. The light captured on the tips of the petals is striking. Beautiful!

  3. Wow absolutely beautiful daisies !


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