Monday, 23 March 2015

Colley Whisson Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed Colley Whisson's workshop and it was even better that I met up with fellow blogger Helen Cooper from Australia.   I have always loved her paintings....then I  found out she was going a couple of months before and we ended up staying at the same place!!

These are two of the five paintings I did at the workshop, the top one is Scotts Point...
it is the first time I have been plein air painting all day and I loved it!! I will be going out more...
there is nothing quite like having to paint quickly and using big brushes, it certainly helps to loosen you up! It was interesting watching how he edited the scene, then the darks were painted boldly and loosely before defining the other shapes and adding lighter values. Less is more!!!


This still life proved to be a bit tricky, even though it was indoors with a light box, I was standing with light coming in through a doorway behind me and halfway through the painting the light changed and I needed help from Colley to fix it up...and he added the lime. Learned a lot from this one!


He is an amazing lucky I could get to learn from him and I am hoping to incorporate some of the techniques in my work!!!


  1. Two wonderful paintings, Karen! Love them both, especially the landscape. I've been waiting to hear about the workshop. I was sure Colley Whisson wouldn't disappoint. I'm glad it was such a positive experience!

  2. Lucky you! Colley's one of my favorite artists. I'll be watching your work to see the influence.


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