Sunday, 9 June 2013


6"x6" Oil on board
After all my troubles yesterday I ended up painting this cheeky Mynah that was perched on my fence outside the window.... this was not what I had in mind to paint! I started with flowers! Anyway...I used the colors  on the chart below and  they worked well!!  

These are the colors I was playing around with a couple of days ago and said I would post. They  are cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, yellow ochre and white. I found I could mix some nice neutrals!  I often use ultramarine and burnt sienna for my black, so on the top row I started with the black mix then as I went along I added more ultra blue, then a little white, cerulean blue, yellow ochre and some more white. The bottom row started again with the dark mix then added more burnt sienna, white, yellow ochre, cerulean and more white.


  1. Hi Karen, Found my way to your blog by way of Sharon's post today. I love these grays, I will have to make some notes on how you came up with those. Your sweet painting of the bird is wonderful, you paint everything so well. Happy painting

  2. These are wonderful grays and neutrals

    1. I think I will be using these quite a lot Jo...nice and soft!

  3. Love this Minah! Thank for showing us your mixing palette ......very interesting!


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